Meet the XSPONdables

From different walks of life, we dig deep into a century's worth of marketing, sales, and event management experience. We know marketing can sometimes fall in the hierarchy of entrepreneurial priorities. XSPON is a simple solution to solve this problem, particularly with the limited resources available to Startups and SMEs. Event Marketing is an extremely cost-efficient means of creating long-lasting and meaningful bonds with customers...the very  bonds that later become the best form of ROI.


Adrien Pierson


In the world of events, sports and marketing for the past 15 years, I have recently finished a Masters in Organizational Behaviour...isn't amazing how complex we little humans are?! This academic insight, associated with my professional experience, has provided me even more evidence that brands must get closer to their customers, and not just through a screen.

Mathieu Sibille


As an accomplished senior executive for the past 20 years, I have recently decided to dedicate my time to supporting and developing high-potential startups in the industries I enjoy working in. My past experiences have taken me deep into the worlds of entertainment and media; from managing international music festivals, to founding TV channels and leading incredibly creative teams. XSPON has the ability to truly transform and facilitate the commercial partnerships between brands and rights owners.


David Nagrosst


I’m a social tech geek with a passion for business and technical innovation.  I have 20+ years of experience in operating, programming, architecting, and selling tech to solve business problems from SaaS to Financial Trading systems.

Rae Marie

Advisor - Festivals & Event Agencies

Rae is a passionate organiser and creative visionary with over 15 years’ experience within the events and entertainment industry. Award winner for past events organised in Hong Kong, and TEDx speaker on community engagement, she has an in depth understanding of the industry and the needs of our partner brands and rights holders.


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