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Better Business through Partnership Marketing

XSPON connects brands & event organisers based on their shared values, goals and audiences.

- Brands SEARCH for events
- Properties PROMOTE their inventory

XSPON ensures business opportunities are not left to chance.

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The XSPONdables

Brands and event organisers sometimes need a helping hand from freelancers, agencies, keynote speakers, logistics partners etc – XSPON is here to help!

You provide products and services that will make events better for marketers, organisers and attendees?

We created XSPON to bring companies together. The digital world enables individuals to connect based on their common values and interests: why couldn’t organisations do the same?!

By facilitating partnerships between marketers and event owners, we aim to become the trusted marketplace where business opportunities are created through customer focused, and data driven, event sponsorship.

Adrien Pierson Founder & CEO
David Nagrosst Co-founder & CTO
Mathieu Sibille Co-founder & Chairman